The single-dose package that opens with one hand

The easiest solution of the single-dose sachet

Zero waste

1HandPremium is the innovative unit dose packaging with an intuitive opening system. Thanks to the maximum ease of dispensing it is possible to extract more than 99% of the product, avoiding waste and dispersion of the content.

100% Customizable

Our sachets dispense the product accurately, evenly, without any risk of unwanted spillage or contamination.
That’s why 1HandPremium sachets are suitable to contain products of any type and density.


the innovative one hand premium sachets can be made with 80% bio-based materials and homopolymers, recyclable according to local regulations, which guarantee the same shelf-life performance as traditional materials.

Accurate dosage

1handpremium gives total freedom in the customization of its products: you can choose the size, the type of opening cut and the graphic layout of the sachet. to create a unique product that reflects the image of your company.


Ideal for many sectors

Be it food, beverages, medications, baby care products, beauty products, hand sanitizers or household cleaners, 1handpremium is the perfect solution. it is possible to control the spillage of the product simply by increasing or decreasing the pressure of the fingers and this makes it perfect for containing products of any consistency. and thanks to the patented opening cut any kind of contamination is avoided.

The smart single-dose sachet

1handpremium is an innovative product for simplicity and convenience: a compact format, you can take with you anywhere, without the risk of breaking and spilling the product. its opening system requires the use of three fingers: applying the right pressure, the sachet folds in half allowing the controlled release of the product. and thanks to 100% customization, 1handpremium becomes an ally to retain your customers.



Is not enough?
Find out more advantages

Patented technology

An innovative unit dose packaging with a patented opening system.
It represents the new way to extract over 99% of the product.

Resistant to breakage

The package is safe, difficult to break and impact resistant. Perfect to keep in your bag, pocket and wherever you want.

Ideal for multiple sectors

Perfect in various fields of application, such as: food, cosmetics, medical / pharmaceutical and chemical, for different consistencies.

Logistic advantages

The compact size of the single-dose sachets allows for more efficient storage, reducing logistics costs and reducing bulk.

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